Frequently Asked Questions

When Should I Make My Reservation?

Early planning ensures our rental equipment will be available for the date of your event. As soon as you have decided on a date for your event and the approximate number of guests, we strongly suggest making your reservation.  All rental items are on a first come, first serve basis.

How Do I Hold The Items I Am Reserving?

A deposit is required on all orders over $300, which can be paid in cash, by check, or credit or debit card.  All orders do require a credit or debit card on file while the items are rented.  Deposits are non-refundable if the rental is cancelled. We encourage you to make your reservation in advance to guarantee the items will be available to you for your party or wedding.

What Payment Methods Do You Accept? When Is Final Payment Due?

We accept cash, money order, personal checks, Mastercard, Visa, Discover and AMEX. We charge $25.00 for all returned checks.  For reservations being picked up from and returned to our store, final payment is due upon pickup.  For orders being delivered, we require final payment and order changes 10 days prior to your event.

Can I Make Changes To My Order?

Of course!  We always recommend notifying us of changes as soon as possible to ensure item availability.  If you are picking up from and returning to our store, you are able to make changes up until the day you retrieve your items.  For deliveries, all changes and a finalized order is required 10 days before the date of your event.  If items on your order are cancelled and your order total is less than the deposit paid, the 30% deposit amount is nonrefundable.

How Does Pricing Work?

Most rental equipment is priced at a weekend rental rate (between 1-4 days). There is a second day charge for rentals from 5 to 7 days, and additional charges for extended rental periods (please call for extended rental pricing).  A weekday rental rate is between 1-3 days.

Is There A Delivery/Pickup Charge?

Delivery and pickup are available and fees are based on town locations. Please call for a quote.

What Do I Need To Know About Tent Installations On My Property?

There are many factors to keep in mind when renting a tent for your event. Most of our tents are secured by driving stakes (as deep as 42″) into the ground; therefore, it is your responsibility to have all underground utilities, sprinkler systems, electrical wires, wells, septic systems, trees/vegetation, etc., marked before a tent is installed to avoid damage and/or injury to our workers. Failure to have these marked will result in a delayed set up, and extra charges may be incurred. Savvy Event Rental is not responsible for any damage incurred to your underground utilities that are not properly marked. Contacting DigSafe for a free site visit is mandatory if you have any concerns regarding your tent location. It is also important to check for low hanging tree branches that may need to be trimmed or overhead wires that may interfere with the tent structure. Please call our office for further information or to schedule a free tent site visit to be completed by our staff. It is also your responsibility to prepare the site for tent installation (i.e. lawn mowed or sprayed, trees/bushes removed, animal droppings removed, etc.) You can read all of our Tent Policies here!

What Type Of Service Should I Expect When My Delivery Arrives?

Standard delivery/pickup charges are for front porch/loading dock drop off. If the delivery/ pickup are to be made to a specific floor or area, an additional labor charge will be incurred. Please call for pricing. These arrangements MUST be made prior to the scheduled delivery and pickup. It may be a problem if this is a decision made on site, because our delivery staff may not have adequate time to do this, due to additional deliveries they must make. You will also be asked to sign your contract regarding liability if damage would occur while carrying the items inside your building. Our personnel are instructed to neatly stack all items in a mutually convenient place. Special containers are provided for china, glassware, flatware, etc., to ensure that you receive your items sanitized, undamaged, and table ready. Please make any special arrangements with our event coordinators before your delivery/pickup is made.

When Should I Expect My Delivery Or Pickup?

Deliveries are generally made on the Wednesday, Thursday or Friday prior to weekend events, and picked up on Monday or Tuesday. We do our best to accommodate delivery date requests, and we will notify you of your delivery and pickup dates at least ten days prior to your event. Deliveries are usually made between 8am and 5pm, but during our busy season we sometimes begin deliveries before 8am and continue until all scheduled deliveries are completed. We will make every attempt to notify you if your delivery will be running late, but it is difficult to provide specific times, as it is tricky to estimate the exact time each delivery will take that day. We can, however, notify you if you can expect your delivery or pickup in the morning or afternoon, and will let you know if our staff is running late. We can also plan to call ahead with a provided contact name and phone number at your time of booking to notify when your delivery is about to leave our location. If you must have a specific delivery time, please notify our staff well in advance, as extra charges may be incurred. We will pick up your order the day after your event, weather permitting, unless it is Sunday or a Holiday, in which case it will be picked up on the following day. Occasionally, arrangements may be made (at no additional charge to you) to pick up items on a later day than the scheduled pick up date.

What If No One Will Be Home On Delivery Or Pickup?

If you know you will not be home, please call our office with instructions as to where the equipment is to be left on delivery, or where we can locate it for pick up. If you are not home and we have no instructions, it will cause a delay and an extra cost to you if we need to reschedule your delivery or pickup. Remember, you are responsible for items the entire time they are in your possession or on your property. We always prefer that someone is on site when a tent is being installed in order to instruct us to the proper location. If you cannot be there, marking the corners of the area clearly is necessary. Please notify our office of these arrangements so our delivery crew will know to look for your marks. In some cases the location may need to be shifted for proper installation. In order to save money and time, please have a decision made to where the tent is going to be installed to avoid additional labor fees.

Do You Setup And Breakdown Tables And Chairs?

We do offer a set up service of table and chairs, only. The cost is $1 per chair to set up and $2 per table to set up. It will be an additional $1 per chair and $2 per table for breakdown. Our delivery drivers will leave all tables and chairs stacked in piles at drop-off, otherwise. All tables and chairs will need to be broken down and stacked for your scheduled pickup. This also applies to china, glassware, food equipment, chafers, etc. Please have these items in one location and stacked for pickup to avoid labor fees.

What Should I Do If My Delivery Is Short Or If I Am Missing Items To My Order?

It is the customer’s responsibility to count all of the items upon receiving. If you are short, you must inform our driver immediately. We will either adjust your bill at that time, or we will redeliver what you need as soon as possible. If you ask us to deliver items when you are not home, you are therefore accepting the quantities delivered. If there is a discrepancy in an item’s quantity and we are not notified until after pickup or return, we are unable to adjust your bill. Please call our store and leave a message if after hours regarding any problems with your order.

Can I Pickup My Order At Your Store Location?

Yes. You may pick up an order of any size provided you have an adequate size vehicle for the items you have rented. We will assist in loading your vehicle; however you will be responsible for securing the load. Savvy Event Rental is not responsible for any property damage or personal injury sustained while equipment is being loaded into or out of a customer’s vehicle. If our employees assist in the loading or unloading the customer assumes the full risk of any such damage or injury. If you decide at the time you are picking items up that you would like the items to be delivered, a delivery charge will be added and we will add you to our delivery schedule where permitted.

What Happens If Something Is Broken, Damaged, Or Lost While In My Possession?

We do charge for missing, broken, damaged, and weather damaged items. Please be sure equipment is secured when not in use and protected from weather.

What Precautions Should I Take When Renting Linen And Dishes?

All linens are sent to you “table ready.” If you receive linen that is not acceptable, please call the store immediately. If it is after business hours, please leave a message. It is expected that linen will be returned to us with food stains but please shake all food, confetti, glitter, animal hair, paper and debris from the linen before returning. Never put dirty linen in plastic bags as it will mildew quickly if damp. Sparklers will cause burn holes in the linen. Customers will be charged a replacement fee for all linens returned with tears, burns, holes and any permanent stains that do not wash clean. Any linen returned with wax will have a $6.00 cleaning charge per tablecloth.

All dishes are sent out “table ready.” If you receive any broken or missing items, please call our store immediately (please leave a voicemail message if after hours).To avoid a labor charge, please place glassware BOTTOM UP (sorted) in the racks provided after rinsing. To avoid a cleaning charge, all dishes MUST be scraped and rinsed free of food BEFORE being placed back in the racks. Replacement charges will be applied for any breakage or missing dishes. All racks must be returned to avoid a replacement fee.

What If I Have Rental Equipment That Is Returned Unused?

When equipment has left our building and is in the possession of the customer, it is considered a rented piece of equipment. Even if the equipment was not used, we will be unable to refund your money or credit your account. Since we rented this equipment to you, it is not available to our other customers. There is also labor involved in pulling the item, unloading it, and picking it up. Lastly, due to our sanitation policy, we are required to clean the items again after they have left our premises.

What Is My Responsibility For The Equipment’s Return?

Responsibility for equipment remains with the renter from the time of receipt to the time of return/pick up. Tables and chairs should be broken down, stacked and ready for pickup. All china, glassware, etc, should be rinsed food-free and repacked in the same containers in which they were received. Linens should be shaken free of food. Skirting should be returned on the special hangers provided. Items not meeting these conditions are subject to additional fees.

Can I Keep Equipment Longer If Needed?

If for some reason you need to extend the use of our rental equipment, we ask that you call us before it is scheduled to be picked up or returned. We will then check the availability of the items to make sure someone else doesn’t have the items reserved. If someone does have the items reserved, we would have to honor their request and ask for the items to be returned to us. If there are no other reservations at that time, we will gladly extend your rental for the time needed. We would then ask for you stop in with the additional balance due or put it on your credit card over the phone, unless you have a charge account with us.