Sailcloth Tents

Tidewater sailcloth tents are our newest style tent and similar to pole tents, with some beautiful upgrades. Tidewater tents also feature swooped tension tops, center poles, and must be staked into the ground (7-10 feet around the perimeter) but the tent top is translucent. Natural light filters through to brighten up the space, and at night, lighting from within the tent shines out. The tent will light up at night, creating a stunning and romantic ambiance as the backdrop of your next big celebration. The side poles and center poles are stained wood, providing a touch of rustic elegance and adding to the decor of your event, without having to lift a finger! Tidewater sailcloth tents are exploding in popularity and will bring your event to the next level. If you’ve browsed on Pinterest or flipped through wedding magazines and loved what you saw, it’s a safe bet that you fell in love with a sailcloth tent!

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